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Polycarbonate 300ml Glass
Polycarbonate 250ml Glass
Polycarbonate 400ml Glass
Polycarbonate 250ml Tea Coffee Mug
Polycarbonate 300ml Tea Coffee Mug
Polycarbonate 250ml Prism Glass

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As Surplast we manufacture and supply injection moldings, injection, moldings, plastics, plastic injection molds, plastic molds, molds, injections, injection molds, plastic injection moldings, plastic moldings, plastic, injection molding, molding, plastic, plastic injection mold, plastic mold, mold, injections, injection mold, plastic injection molding, plastic molding, glasses, plates, trays, meal trays, ingredient bins, gastronorm pans, gastronorm pan lids, saucers, jam bowls, service equipments, gastronorm pans, polycarbonates, polycarbonate glasses, polycarbonate plates, pc gastronorm pans, pp gastronorm pans, polypropylene gastronorm pans, tea coffee mugs, prism glasses, triangular mugs, square mugs, polycarbonate gastronorm pans, polypropylenes, service trays, flat tables, sugar bowls, soup bowls, deep plates, corrugated plates, oval plates, oval plate lids, square oval plates, polycarbonate meal trays, 2 compartment square saucers, 4 compartment saucers, corrugated tea saucers, pc salt shakers, pc toothpick holders, pp cutlery boxes, pp dispensers, pp pumps, polypropylene ingredient bins, glass, plate, tray, meal tray, ingredient bin, gastronorm pan... Surplast is a business partnership between Dursan Plastik with over 30 years of service in the injection molding industry, and Tepe Kalip and Okyanus Dizayn, manufacturers of plastic injection molds with a combined experience of more than 30 years, to produce food service equipment. The partnership produces excellent molds, new models and high-quality equipment. When molding and manufacturing takes place at the same facility, costs are reduced, quality is improved, and shorter lead times enable higher competitiveness. The GastroPlast range of FDA-approved food contact products have been fully lab-tested and confirmed to be harmless to human health. SurPlast is actively engaged with the requirements of its customers to improve, innovate and develop according to their needs, ensuring consistent presence in the industry under fierce competition in a global world. Mission statement Our mission is to be the first choice of customers through our references and history, sustaining our high quality and trustworthiness to become a company that values its employees and customers.



“İkitelli Org. San. Böl., İpkas San. Sit., 5/A B - Blok No: 1-3, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey”

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